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Μειονεκτήματα: "I adore delta! Great airline, I fly delta whenever possible"
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Μειονεκτήματα: "I adore delta! Great airline, I fly delta whenever possible"
Μειονεκτήματα: "On time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The boarding crew wasn’t friendly"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Super friendly staff, great service and delicious food. The competition has nothing compared to Delta. We’re switching"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Tv wasn't operating correctly"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "All was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats are too small"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Late"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Not really an experienced flyer. Overall the flight seemed good. No issues with airline or airport. Just don’t understand self-important people that feel compelled to push the overhead storage limits with their bags."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food and service. Our flight attendant didn’t seem to want to be there. Sub-par service for first class by a long shot."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Equipment used has seen better days. Seemed to have difficulty starting engines and aircraft had loud squealing hydraulic pump noises not typically encountered when flying the 717. A little disconcerting."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delta is top notch!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Crew was not very friendly or helpful. Not even a drink service on this flight. Atlanta is over crowded and always a problem. Couldn’t avoid it this time."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Smooth flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No drink/snack service because of shorter flight times."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Entertainment"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Plane got delayed several times. They changed the gate 7 times. And then they lost my luggage. Not a good experience with Delta."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was very friendly. Food was excellent"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. Even though I had carry on, they checked it and this made me waste my time at baggage claim rather than gate checking. Flight attendants were miserable. Power supply didn’t work at seats."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew where extremely friendly, helpful and visible. As the flight was being boarded the gate agent saw me with my cane and she upgraded me to a seat closer to the front of the plane without being asked. Those extra little touches are appreciated"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Being that I needed to book last minute due to my other carrier only having one flight headed back to my destination, of which they weren't even sure if it would be taking off...Delta came through in a pinch. It was my first time flying with them but the ticket agent was helpful and attentive"
Μειονεκτήματα: "N/A"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Fast boarding, friendly crew, and comfy seats"
Μειονεκτήματα: "It was pretty bumpy and a few times we changed altitude very quickly"
Μειονεκτήματα: "They changed the gate twice on me and by the time I got to the correct one, the flight had already left."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Quick flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight attendant spoke like a robot. Could not understand her."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I liked booking/purchasing my ticket on Kayak on June 3rd."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I did not like arriving for my 4:50 PM EST flight at 4:10 PM EST and being told there is no way I can make my flight. The crew at CVG’s Delta desk is incredibly uninspiring and not helpful at all. A lot can be done in 40 minutes and they made little to no effort helping me make my flight or to get me on another flight on 6/13 that would get me home to Colorado Springs the same day."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was helpful and nice and the plane’s entertainment system."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The abrupt stopping at the end of the landing. But it was better than in the first flight. And I understand it is a small flight but add a juice option on the service along with coffee and water."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I liked the crew when we were boarding and when we were in flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The plane was very small and there was no tv/radio to entertain a 3 hour flight except limited WiFi access. One remark that I also like to make is the use of the breaks when landing it was very abrupt. Please do it more gentle next time."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Fast boarding"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats are too crammed and uncomfortable."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Very good flight. Nice staff, modern and clean plane."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Staff was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No TV for movies."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The plane was on time, the crew was friendly, no delays, landing was fine. In fact we actually made it a little before the time that we were scheduled. Since the flight was so short, I did not have any food."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The seats were a little small."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Seats and service."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Entertainment was good."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The crew was very rude."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Clean plane, friendly staff and timely departure."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Waiting to get off the plane. Other customers moving too slow"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Excellent landing into Butte Mt. Very smooth landing over gorgeous mountains. The pilot flew us directly over some of my favorite Hikes near the Continental Divide."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Friendly crew with modern plane"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Why am I paying for first class for just snacks I can buy in an airport shop?"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Quick service - uneventful."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was late by almost 2 hours!!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "A simple and pleasant experience!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Everyone was professional and polite."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight was fine, attendants we're good, entertainment options are great."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Boarding. It was probably the worst I've seen. A shared intercom system between two gates (b7 and b7a), boarding flights around the same time and our flight beginning portions of pre boarding with no announcements caused mass confusion. Passengers lining up to go before they should, bumping into each other, no info or corrections over the intercom. The gate agent yelling at people to move aside. Overall terrible gate agents and terrible set up. Flight crew was great though."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice and attentive staff, smooth on and off."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew were incredibly friendly. The copilot helped me gate-check my bag before he boarded when the bag didn't fit into the overhead bin."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight departed on time, arrived early! Boarding was smooth and effortless. I absolutely don't mind paying a little extra to fly on Delta vs the "low cost" carriers. Thanks Delta!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Efficient and comfortable all I ask for"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delayed flight, mechanical"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight took off and landed on time"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Smooth. Great Staff"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No complaints."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I have never been to Billings, so I find it rather difficult to review this flight that I have never been on."
Μειονεκτήματα: "the seats are WAY TOO SMALL"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Too little leg room; hit entrees poor tasting"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flying to Portland was trouble free."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No complaints here"

I had a great flight ✈️

Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew and the food"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The entertaiment selection. Should get better movie, TV and news selection"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight was super relaxed and comfortable. We really loved the Magnum ice cream at the end of the flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Sarah the Cabin Manager was amazing."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The business seats are horrible"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew good, plane clean."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats very cramped."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was great. Seats and leg room better than other airlines."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Seats were ok. Crew was friendly, attentive and communicative."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Not much in terms of entertainment"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Wifi was down all the way."
Μειονεκτήματα: "We actually did not go directly to Marseille, but due to a delay, we missed our initial connection and had to take a flight from London to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Marseille. The total trip was 24 hours long and exhausting."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I missed my flight,as there were 3 traffic accident on the way to Airport,I was late by 10 Minutes,Will never travel by Air India-a useless airline"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was delayed. Poor food offerings, no entertainment, minimal leg room, rushed and cramped boarding process."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The food was surprisingly tasty for an airplane - it looked horrific but that’s of no importance. The airplane staff was very friendly and generous, possibly due to delays everywhere."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delayed takeoffs on both legs of the flight, combined with absolutely awful layout at Heathrow which made us nearly miss our connecting flight. Why do we have to go through security again in London?"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Feels like BA has turned into Ryan Air. £65 for a checked bag, cramped seating and not even a free water."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "London to Chicago on British Airways was excellent. We were late for the scheduled flight due to a connection issue - but were able to just make boarding. Luggage did not make it. Crew and service was excellent on the Airbus B380."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Don’t do it!! Totally disorganized airline with uncomfortable seats."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "the staff"
Μειονεκτήματα: "aircraft, food, entertainment"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew were super helpful and attentive."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food was not the best, the leg room was ridiculously small and the entertainment system had some issues, but all in was a nice trip"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The flight was 1+ hour late, but little information made available, including basic info like gate."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Economy seating not so comfortable"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I liked that the flight crew were very friendly and helpful. The food was also pretty good overall"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Cancellations and delays before my flight were horrible. The staff on the phone were rude and not helpful at all after waiting over an hour to speak with them."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice comfortable ride from Heathrow to JFK , crew was terrific tending to all passengers , on time and get the service coming throughout the flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Everything was good , no complaints."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was amazing."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "no air vents over seats"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Online checkin wasn't working and the flight was oversold... After running through Heathrow after a delayed connection, we were told 5 min before the flight was scheduled to take off that it would be delayed. The coach seats were some of the smallest I've ever experienced (I fly 2x a month on average). The crew broke wheels off both of our roller bags."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I love the bins by the side of the Airbus, and for an economy seat there was a good amount of leg room."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Never even asked if I want to buy something to drink ( buy , not to get!!!!). If I didn't go to the back I will never see any of crew during the flight. Very disappointed!!!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "everything went smoothly"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Not enough choices for movies or tv shows."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I'm still in New York airline canceled my vacation flight and still waiting for justfly .com this company is very unresponsive they haven't solved my problem jet I'm so upset"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Missed flight due to BA delay from Edinburgh"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The food was tasty."
Μειονεκτήματα: "flight was 1 hour and 40 minutes late. We sat on a hot plane waiting for take off and the temperature remained too high during the flight. Very little water was offered. Seating in coach was very tight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Service is great"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "On Time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seat Spacing Boarding and check-in was unnecessarily long"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Had to pay even for water. Seats very small."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "It arrived in Greece on time, good landing."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Arrived in Greece for daughter's wedding. They lost all 14 family members luggage for 4 days!! Received our luggage 6PM the night before wedding, which caused terrible distress for the Bride especially and all 14 family members. Imagine being in Greece for 4 days with nothing but the clothes you traveled in. Horrible!! Will never buy a BA ticket again."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Two children screaming their lungs out for the 8 hours, and kicking the seats in front of them. The fact that there was no food choice by the time I was served."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Very cramped seats; terrible food; was put on Air Lingus instead of BA; missed our connection and Air Lingus was very difficult to work with"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Going through immigration in Dublin and the flight over behind well managed"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Security in Dublin is a bit disorgation going from the U.K. Into the US terminal. I lost my global entry card in the process and not much one could do with that process"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The entertainment and the service"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Both legs delayed, almost missed connection due to delay and the crew on the flight didn't seem to care. When we asked if they could inform the next flight that our flight wasn't delayed, the stewards response was "our planes don't wait for anyone". Real friendly. Wish Southwest flew to Europe!!!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Timely"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The seats are too comfortable"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Fast and efficient"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No drinks not even water without cost"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Economy class is for THIRD world citizens"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The service was excellent. Really liked the economy plus section and the little perks made a big difference."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The steak was overcooked. The baggage return added an hour to my trip home (I know this is likely a JFK problem) They are still handing out landing cards and asking you to fill them out at JFK for US passports--stop!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Just a bad overall experience"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "nothing-"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I flew about 1 million miles and truly felt like a sardine- absolutely NO leg room and very archaic entertainment system. NEVER AGAIN !"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight crew was very courteous and helpful, and made the entire experience very pleasant."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The boarding process was a bit confusing. We were that the gate closed at a certain time, but there was no information when you were waiting at the gate at that time. Once boarding started, it was confusing as to which line you should wait it."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight on time. Seats/pillows/blankets were clean. The crew was professional - high quality interaction that makes the difference between BA and other airlines. (other airline crews can be abrupt, rude, ignore passengers, especially with getting water outside of service times, standing while waiting to use lavatories, etc.)"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Some garbage from prior flight in seat pockets of 2 seats we occupied. Entertainment system is a bit clunky, film choice not very good."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The service was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Leg room. I'm very tall."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Requested a Kosher meal through the British Airways reservation directly, was not provided with such."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Aside from not being able to leave for almost a whole day, they lost our luggage upon arriving to Los Angeles."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Staff was very pleasant and helpful, good movie selection and decent food."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I had assigned an emergency exit row, however did not pay extra. These seats are horrible, no lace to store your stuff, tray tables are awkward and having to bother you neighbor. Difficult to have tray tale and tv accessible. Would never pay extra money for this seat. Also near bathroom and smelly at times."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Boarding, departure and arrival were on time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seat choices that were aisle or window for free"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Seats seem to get smaller but overall a good experience"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seat room"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Easy boarding process, friendly crew member and smooth flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The flight was delayed which impacted our connecting flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was efficient and pleasant making for a good experience."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Clear communication on flight boarding"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Attendant could have been more friendly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Due to missed connection, computer booked me on later flight, but in the wrong class (i.e., not first class as ticketed). Very helpful agent at O'Hare was able to remedy this though (didn't get her name. 6/25/19 at help desk near O'Hare gate L4, 7PM)"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Was delayed a lot"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I feel like there is more leg room in the seats then in other discount airlines! I like the snack and drink, this breaks up the flight a bit. This is nice for me because I don’t like to fly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The staff seemed miserable. No one was nice or even smiled. Just felt like they couldn’t wait for this leg of their day/trip to be over."
Μειονεκτήματα: "We stay stuck in PVR"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No delay Ability to connect wireless headphones"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Horrible experience with American Airlines staff while boarding at Birmingham AL USA. Very unprofessional & RUDE..."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "n/a"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Speaker volume was too high."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Yes"
Μειονεκτήματα: "4 hour plane availability delay - of course planned on weather but not planning"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was cancelled. Zero accommodations"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I am glad I am still alive"
Μειονεκτήματα: "They lost my luggage. They did not allow me to take her whit me in the plane because i did not fit a suitcase that always travel on top because is small suitcase terrible I will never travel again with amercan airlines"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Everything in order and on time."
Μειονεκτήματα: "-"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Departure was on time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Really hard seats, no phone charger outlets, on board WiFi didn’t work"
Μειονεκτήματα: "ΜΕ χρεωσαν 300 δολάρια για 2η υπερβαρη βαλίτσα που ειχα πληρώσει online δεύτερη βαλίτσα αλλα δεν την βρήκαν πουθενα και Μαλιστα μου είπαν στα checkin οτι δεν γίνετε να πληρώσω online.πραγμα που εκανα και χρεώθηκα. Μέσα σε ολα αυτα το κουτί του desktop υπολογιστή μου ήταν σπασμένο απο το TSA με λόγο οτι δεν μπορούσαν να το "ξεκλειδώσουν"."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was delayed so much that I would miss my connection so I never went and am on a new flight today on a different airline"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight delayed due to weather issues then compounded by crew issues. Would have been tolerable if they had been upfront about it instead of doing the one hour delay, then another hour, then another hour ad nauseum. More than 3 hours total."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I really liked crew, fast boarding"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Old airplane, very noisy , no tv screans on seats, boring movies on tv and horrible ear sets, could not hear anything. very dissapointed experience."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I STILL HAVE NOT LEFT RIC!!!!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Received an email 6 min after booking from British Airways saying the reservation was cancelled. They are trying to charge me $550 for this cancellation claiming they are not the ones who cancelled the reservation, and that I did. From what I understand the flight wasn't available in the first place and should not have been posted to purchase. British Airways will not take responsibility however."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "the staff was great from check in at the airport until I landed"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I wish the snacks were heathy like dried fruit and nuts"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The airplane was modern, clean and comfortable and the flight was on time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Everything was good"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Where me seat was located and being able to set with my family."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Short flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I’m never comfortable in airplane seats"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No carry on bags"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Start boarding with the last row, not the 1st row - so people settling into the 1st rows do not hold up the people trying to reach the higher numbered rows."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "New equipment. Film choices, crew, complementary beverages"
Μειονεκτήματα: "American Airlines has to be the worst airline I’ve ever traveled with. They canceled both of my flights and scheduled me for flights the next day each time. Customer service pretty poor. I opted to take a train instead. They didn’t reimburse me either. Awful"
Μειονεκτήματα: "They put a bunch of crying babies next to me, other than that it was a good experience."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flying beats driving"
Μειονεκτήματα: "no entertainment or food."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Too cold, even with air off above me."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Horrible delays. Delta doesn't have these problems."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Full can of tomato juice, head rests on the seat, relatively roomy seats and happy attendants."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "It was fine. Nothing special, nothing wrong. On time."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Good free entertainment. Thanks."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No good free snacks. Only free drinks."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Friendly, efficient staff. Quick boarding process"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was delayed by a few minutes"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Ontime boarding and helpful friendly crew,"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats have no lower back support and are crowded entertainment does not support many android devices especially kindle"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The actual flight was fine."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The gate staff was so rude."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Safe flight. Two seats instead of three on the outer aisles. Although the flight was an hour and a half delayed, we landed at the original time. Not sure how that works."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Very old plane. No individual entertainment for an 8 hour flight. The old fashion tv were in the middle of the plane. The flight attendant were almost non existent. One toilet did not work. I was very disappointed"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight was cancelled. There was not pilot"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Also quick and painless flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight attendants where kind of rude."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight attendants were really nice and attentive."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The plane was old and outdated. You could see where screws were loose. Very disconcerting. The food was awful. Headphones going to Rome were free, they were charging $5 from Rome to New York? Wow. British Airways baggage policies are different from American. Felt like a rip off."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight attendants were very pleasant"
Μειονεκτήματα: "There is very little space in the seats, I had a big guy sitting next to me and I had trouble sitting with my back straight, he was taking some of my seat! Also they charge for luggage 25$ like the domestic flights"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Movies was good."

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Αναζήτηση με βάση την τιμή

Σινσινάτι - Σαντορίνη Πτήσεις


Σινσινάτι (CVG)Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες


Σαντορίνη (JTR)Ελλάδα

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