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Βαθμολογία σύμφωνα με τις κριτικές πελατών της KAYAK
DeltaΣυνολική βαθμολογία από 29333 κριτικές
Κριτικές αεροπορικής
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was very friendly and it was a day fast flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No back of seat entertainment."
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Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was very friendly and it was a day fast flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No back of seat entertainment."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight delayed 3 hours, then a seats were very cramped and uncomfortable"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Well organized and easy to check in."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats are tight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Security and checking in was quick and easy! Crew members were understanding and accommodating."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "On time, comfortable flight. Great crew and service."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Late"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Not cancelling our flight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The free movie/entertainment system"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Leg room limited, but seats were ok"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Crew didn’t serve drinks/snacks; otherwise nice and short flight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was friendly, cabin was clean."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No Tvs"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Choice of healthier snack"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Too much delay - departure was planned on March 15 @ 7 pm and take off happened on March 16 @ 12pm - a complete failure!!!!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The airport."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Actual flight was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delays were awful, and the ground crew was unhelpful in helping people find earlier alternatives to the delayed flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The flight was 2 hours delayed.. this cause a lot of inconvienece.."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Arrived on time and smooth flight though it was completely full"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was delayed and our luggage is lost"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight timing and gate arrival"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Boarding"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Excellent flight with efficient service. Flight was on time and friendly staff"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Efficiency"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Boarding was easy. Checking in was easy, the overall flight was quiet and quick and on time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing to report here"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Everything"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No chicken sandwich."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nicest staff"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing at all"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was pleasant. Boarding was fast and efficient, nobody bumrushed."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The non-reclining seat right next to the bathroom door opening should not exist. I was miserable there; I swear everyone on the plane made sure to take a dump on this <2 hour flight. Also none of the windows on any of these small planes line up with the actual positions of seats and it sucks."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "They cancelled my flight. I never flew home. I missed my little Sister's graduation. :o("
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Snacks, cleanliness and crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "N/A"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "They had available seats on an earlier flight and I was able to get home super quick! My checked bag also made it which was great!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "It was a normal flight as well expected."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was helpful and nice and the plane’s entertainment system."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The abrupt stopping at the end of the landing. But it was better than in the first flight. And I understand it is a small flight but add a juice option on the service along with coffee and water."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I liked the crew when we were boarding and when we were in flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The plane was very small and there was no tv/radio to entertain a 3 hour flight except limited WiFi access. One remark that I also like to make is the use of the breaks when landing it was very abrupt. Please do it more gentle next time."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I liked getting home"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I didn’t like the delays without warning or any benefits at the end."
Μειονεκτήματα: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delayed for no reason"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight attendants were excellent!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "That's the flight is clean"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Good service, more leg room than American Airlines."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Everything was good."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Customer service"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Staffing was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The fact is that it is illegal to pack Sardines at compact as you are packing us on your aluminum cans."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Arriving in 2 hrs from Orlando to laguardia!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "no tv .. I didn't like that we had to use our own electronic device to access the entertainment system."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The Gogo Inflight wifi and entertainment did not work for even a minute. I choose flights based on their amenities and this one had offered full WIFI service which swayed me to choose to fly with Delta. I'm not sure who is to blame about this issue but I'm pretty frustrated that it was completely dysfunctional."
Μειονεκτήματα: "My flight got to New York so late!!!! I missed my international flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I am not one who enjoys flying. I don't think there ever will be a time that I enjoy flying. However, the pilot, stewards, and all other workers on delta were very nice."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I don't like flying so there really wasn't anything I liked."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew did an outstanding job"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No entertainment"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Pretty much nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delta. They just hate their passengers"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Smooth flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The entertainment on the app, bring back the good old tv's on the flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food and entertainment as always."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice power nap, quick flight!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Services is good ."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food can be better"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice crew, good food."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Both bathroom were not working in business class area."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Keep the temperature at a more reasonable level. Blankets + two layers of clothing was definitely not enough."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Still don’t have my luggage yet"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Loved the smooth ride."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Bathroom was pretty nasty"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight and the crew!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra 130 euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Great crew."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Ran out of business class meal. Substituted a Econ class."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"
Μειονεκτήματα: "I was seated next to the restroom, which is not a pleasant experience for an international flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Food and service"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Friendly crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Can’t think of anything"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The bed was comfortable. Entertainment selection and large TV screen was good. The KLM crew is amazing, as usual."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food quality was not so good."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Friendly crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "KLM lost one piece of my luggage"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew is really welcoming"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Entertainment"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight crew was so friendly and the food was really good."
Μειονεκτήματα: "This was just a short commuter flight from Lyon to Amsterdam for connection."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Food, entertainment and crew was exceptionally friendly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats not great for such a long flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"
Μειονεκτήματα: "We were changed from KLM to Airiltalia without any information sent so only because I tried to check in did I find out the flight on KLM was cancelled and we were changed to Airitalia. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "My seat at the window was great and the staff really friendly and courteous!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Amazing crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "No reading light in my seat..."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Light snack and complementary wine"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Efficient crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Long, slow line at check in. Not many new movies or tv shows"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight. KLM #605 from Amsterdam to SFO---please pass the praise to all of them."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Good selection of movies."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Very small seats with no leg room and very little room on either side. The food was bad - even when compared to other airplane food. Plane is kept too warm."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "More than adequate room, And very good service from a very professional staff. Head and shoulders abovevany American carrier, and several European lines I have flown."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Can't think of anything."
Μειονεκτήματα: "KLM staff in the Prague airport were some of the rudest humans I have ever met. So incredibly uncaring and outright mean."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The leg room, was surprisingly roomy"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The food and that there was no entertainment."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing really"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flew KLM 27 years ago and the airlines seem to be stuck in the same era. Food is poor quality... Have you recently checked the Gulf carriers."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Very friendly service!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Have no complaints"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice seats, comfortable."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Again, no aisle seat for SkyTeam Gold member. Also, my baggage was lost. First bag arrived a day late, second after I had left Billund and it was six days before the bag with my clothes reached me. I was told I will have 100 euro credit for clothing, but in the winter and for 6 days, this was not even close to the amount I needed for clothing and necessities, to have my time here."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "787 is a great airplane. The 3-3-3 seat configuration leaves enough seat width to be just comfortable in coach."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Our flight was canceled from Amsterdam to Bordeaux and did not receive any direction and had to find alternate flights for ourselves with the personal expense of using our own cell phones. Then our luggage lost for 3 days. Not happy! We ended up flying from Toronto to Paris then to Bordeaux. Lost my upgrade money for seats. Now have to deal with KLM for refund!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Efficiency and speed of boarding was acceptable. I have no complaints about that aspect. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The first announcement they made to all of us in the economy section was thay they did not have any headphones for anyone but business class. I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. If that isn't bad enough midway through my nine hour flight my monitor went out and would not turn back on."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Overall, my trip to Cardiff via Amsterdam was smooth and delightful. I've flown a few short trips this summer and I was pleasantly surprised to find KLM still offered complimentary snacks. What a refreshing change!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "There was no entertainment which is why I assigned that category only one star. The boarding process in Amsterdam could have been a bit smoother. Announcements were no clear."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Night flight so no entertainment allowed sleeping"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Kosher food could be improved"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "We really liked the KLM people, from the check in crew to the flight attendants."
Μειονεκτήματα: "seats on Jet air flight are very uncomfortable"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was quick, professional, friendly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The flight was very delayed. We sat on the floor because there was not enough seating. We eventually had to squeeze into buses and drive around the tarmac to find a plane. We lost 5 bags in the process but eventually got them 2 days after arrival. the bags did not show up when we originally were told they would."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Very friendly and helpful crew."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was overbooked. After paying 1.7k, they put me to another flight which took me 7 hours more to arrive SFO."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The on-board entertainment"
Μειονεκτήματα: "More food, more water"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Amazing crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food was ok. Seat was crowded. Everything else was excellent."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Service was great and the airplane was very well maintained."
Μειονεκτήματα: "More water, I was thirsty most of the time."
Μειονεκτήματα: "We booked business class. JFK to LIS very nice. Seats were very comfortable and reclined flat. More leg room than in other business class seats. What they called business from LIS to Rome was just regular uncomfortable across economy seats with no one in the middle seat."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "It was over an hour late with little information about why. The gate wasn't shared until the last minute. Boarding was awful and confusing. We were stuck sitting at the gate for a long time with no air and the crew didn't deserve the last ten rows any water. The luggage also took forever to get onto the belt. Overall bad"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was very friendly and responsive and the flight left right on time."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The food was not good and there was very little in way of tv entertainment."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Yes"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Was exelent"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I lost the flight????"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Incoming Delayed & outbound delayed 2 hrs as a result"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew was very friendly and food was very good."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The toilet sinks were clogged and dirty."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Wait time on buses from-to airplane to terminal was long."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Good flight, on time. Service ok. Captain did a good job communicating. Nice touch with wine at dinner."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I fee cheated because it is the first time that I have. to pay for luggage. In their website it states that the basic fare allows in check-in bag. They said to me that there are different categories of basic fare, which is not disclosed in their website. Additionally any seat change cost"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Better service, comfy seats with recline and entertainment"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Excelent service."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I really appreciated the fact that the gate agents enforced the boarding process meticulously. Often times, even when boarding a certain zone, passengers ignore it and board anyway. The staff made sure that people only boarded when their zone was called. The flight and the aircraft was comfortable. The food was better than what I've had on other airlines, if not at least equal."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Crew was nice and the plane was comfortable"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight took off two hours late and we were not given frequent updates as to why the delay was taking longer than announced"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The fact that I made my flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "In incompetence of the clerk that checked me in, and the fact that I was thrice charged for my bag, because he didn’t know how to use the computer."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The plane was very small service was not good and the crew were not that friendly"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Luggage was delivered, although very slow to arrive at carrousel"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Luggage fees were excessively higher. Paid €75 per checked in bag one way! This was because our tickets were “on sale” and didn’t include any checked in baggage."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "We got our luggage at destination"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Luggage fees were excessively higher. Paid €40 per checked in bag one way! This was because our tickets were “on sale” and didn’t include any checked in baggage."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The hospitality was perfect"
Μειονεκτήματα: "None"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was canceled which was out of their control. Unfortunately, what wasn’t out of their control was the amount of people handling the rebooking. One person was handling alternate flights. I was the 6th person in line (which was the time equivalent of an hour and half wait. I missed all possible reroutes due to flights closing. The customer service of tap airlines is severely lacking"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "overall good service; seats are full recline leaning type, which isn't the most comfortable solution, but ok."
Μειονεκτήματα: "TAP connecting flight was three hours late"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Price"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Business flat seats quite restrictive"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The food was not available for the business class passengers and we had to take it from economy."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The worst airline"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The plan was clean, newer, and comfortable. If you sit towards the front of the plane you end up sitting in economy plus for the economy price."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No entertainment, but the flight were short enough it wasn't really a problem. With downloadable Netflix and Prime, that isn't a problem anymore."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I did not like although my ticket had luggage allowance, TAP made my wife and I pay twice. Of course to pay needed endless and senseless wait and paying booth."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Boarding difficult for immigration"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The flight was delayed pre boarding and took longer than it should and thus missed our connection to London"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Left on time, arrived early. Food and snacks were good. Very attentive crew."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Can't think of anything."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I have traveled with Air Portugal numerous time. Here is a little country very proud of having its own airline company and they do great. The value is great."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was on time and landed safely."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Boarding was quite chaotic. Seats were very cramped."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Friendly crew."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Smaller plane, tighter space, no entertainments"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Seats were comfortable with plenty of room between you and the seat in front of you. Huge plane. Very nice."
Μειονεκτήματα: "My video screen did not have English available"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Timeliness of check-in and the flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "N/A"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats and food"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Very good leg room. Easy pleasant flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "First flight was delayed by just a half an hour and we arrived in Portugal. We had a connecting flight to AMS with also TAP and had a two hour window to make the next flight with the same company (TAP). We were in line for passport and then security and talked to several TAP employees and they said we would be have time and wouldn't have a problem catching the second flight. Well, we got through the lines with 30 min before our next flight and they wouldn't let us on. Customer service and organization of the airline is really poor. The aircraft had minimal room and no entertainment. We got on our next flight five hours later and all they gave us was a $10 food voucher. So poorly managed."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Second half of flight was very rough"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Smooth landing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "A few bumpy moments in the air!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Treat like a guest 2 great meals."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Terrible TAP service. Missed my flight to no fault of my own and I was made to buy a new ticket. No changrs, no partial refund, couldn't even use my return ticket which I had to rebook too. Nice customer service !!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Not enough leg room"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "They served a sandwich."
Μειονεκτήματα: "I flew TAP in sept 2016. It was full service invoked TAP again because of this and then had to pay for a small checked bag at the airport. Also there were a lot of sick people on this flight. Two people near me theew up."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "very pleasant experience flying TAP. Baggage check was free, and for our international flight we had a top notch entertainment system in seat. Would definitely fly again!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "My flight was punctual, the seats are comfortable, steady take off and landing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Seats were uncomfortable"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Food was great! Space between seats was perfect."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Everything was great!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The overhead bin space of this airplane was too small. My suitcase, which fits on every other type of plane, could not fit on this one. I had to check it and then go grab it at baggage claim, therefore having to go through security again. This was not the most convient for a tight connection."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I was bumped to an earlier flight after asking 'cause my original flight was delayed."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The staff and efficiency"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Small plane"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Sound system on the in-flight movie was horrible. Headphones didn't work in the jack, static obscured the sound. Tried different headphones but had the same result. Not too much of a problem. Flight was short and wouldn't have had time to watch the full movie anyway. Everything else was great. Staff was amazing. Seats were comfortable. Boarding was fairly quick."
Μειονεκτήματα: "One hour late taking off"
Μειονεκτήματα: "flight was cancelled. poor communication."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Great cabin crew."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Huge delay without explanation."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "squeeze me into an earlier flight"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Everything good."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Everything went as expected"
Μειονεκτήματα: "NOthing"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Long time till take off"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Excellent accommodation/service"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Movies!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Food.."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Gate change but no announcement"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Upgraded to first class"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Plane was old"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "I don't like air canada"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Check in crew was rude and awful. Flight cancelled without notification, thankfully the minute we noticed I called customer service. Waited an hour on hold before luckily grabbing 2 last seats on a flight going out the next morning."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight was quick and easy.."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The flight was no cancel because the weather"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Waiting too much after landing in LGA"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Lack of refreshment choice."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Declined !!!! So long"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Air Canada cancelled the flght without notification. Sat in the airport from 10:45 in the morning until boarding call at 13:30! There were 8 cancelled flights to NYC because of Toronto return scheduling conflicts resulting from runway repair work. Air Canada customer service desk was horrible."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Late flight No info given to passengers"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Over an hour late."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "TV entertainment even for a short flight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The seats were comfortable with a good amount of leg room and width. Not the friendliest crew and was given equal when I asked for splenda. Not the same thing when you are allergic to equal and who doesn't carry splenda these days? I did get home safe and sound which is really the most important part."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight was canceled suddenly. A half hour before take off with no reason given. There was no staff available to help with rebookings and it was the super bowl. I was able to pay out of pocket an additional CAD500 to get on a Delta flight that was just about to leave."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Hour and a half late. Uneventful other than that."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Would have liked something other than pretzels."
Μειονεκτήματα: "DELAYED!!!!!!!!!!!"
Μειονεκτήματα: "CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The staff were friendly and the airport is nice."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Boarding took a long time, delaying us. Baggage storage was overused on the plane and therefore took even longer."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Air Canada is so willing to make changes at the last minute when I was at the airport. They put me on an earlier fight because I was there in very good time. Generally just a really lovely experience."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "One of the wort scariest flights ever"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "In flight entertainment"
Μειονεκτήματα: "The credit was not polite and quite unfriendly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delayed because of mechanical issue"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Too far distance to get to immigration there was no assistants otherwise the flight was good"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Nice interior. Free movies."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Air Canada is always delayed."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nice flight"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Flight was on time.service good ."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight attended was not great .Too much walking in the terminal."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Flight delayed for no good reason"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The crew were effective and efficient. We boarded promptly and departed on time. They were polite and friendly."
Μειονεκτήματα: "No hot drinks (coffee) on flight."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "AC's staff is generally very pleasant and accommodating (they are Canadians, after all). I checked in quite early and was moved to an aisle seat (was originally in a middle) with no one next to me - something the lady at the check-in counter did just to be nice! Boarding was pleasant and easy going; greeted upon entering the aircraft which is always a nice touch. The flight was more or less on time and things went smoothly overall."
Μειονεκτήματα: "The power/USB outlet in my headrest did not work. I was also seated in front of a French couple who repeatedly hung onto my seat when they were getting up (at least 3 times during the flight). I realize this has nothing to do with Air Canada but perhaps they should consider offering 'French only' flights to avoid such annoyances in the future."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Fast flight, boarded and landed quickly"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Nothing"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Spacious, leg room"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Temperature, cold. Needs interior upgrade."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "AC is dependable and safe."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Our return flight NYC to Victoria was delayed at La Guardia by 1.5 hours which reduced our rating from excellent to good."
Πλεονεκτήματα: "On time and short! Everything was good"
Μειονεκτήματα: "Great"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "The staff was so kind and outgoing! They made sure the flight went smoothly!"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "They took off and landed on time"
Μειονεκτήματα: "extreme delays and not a lot of updates"
Πλεονεκτήματα: "Quick fight-I slept for the whole flight."
Μειονεκτήματα: "Delayed for over an hour. Not enough seating be at the terminal."

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Πρόσφατες προσφορές πτήσεων με επιστροφή

2 στάσειςKLM
17ώ 36λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
18ώ 35λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςKLM
23ώ 16λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
18ώ 35λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςKLM
23ώ 46λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
18ώ 35λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςKLM
30ώ 08λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
29ώ 09λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
32ώ 26λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςDelta
31ώ 02λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
18ώ 55λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςDelta
17ώ 42λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
34ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
16ώ 25λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
16ώ 00λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
14ώ 10λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
27ώ 00λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
14ώ 15λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςKLM
27ώ 39λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
20ώ 35λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςDelta
30ώ 47λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
15ώ 29λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
27ώ 00λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
14ώ 10λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
14ώ 10λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςAir Canada
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςAir Canada
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςAir Canada
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςAir Canada
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςAir Canada
30ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
16ώ 30λLGA-SKG
2 στάσειςDelta
17ώ 42λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
18ώ 05λLGA-SKG

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Πρόσφατες προσφορές πτήσεων απλής μετάβασης

3 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
42ώ 57λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
31ώ 00λSKG-LGA
3 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
26ώ 58λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
30ώ 47λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
32ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
21ώ 00λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
18ώ 29λSKG-LGA
3 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
26ώ 33λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
21ώ 00λSKG-LGA
3 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
20ώ 29λSKG-LGA
3 στάσειςΠολλαπλές αεροπορικές
30ώ 03λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςDelta
18ώ 37λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
22ώ 02λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
18ώ 08λSKG-LGA
31ώ 10λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
28ώ 27λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςKLM
18ώ 08λSKG-LGA
30ώ 04λSKG-LGA
34ώ 45λSKG-LGA
2 στάσειςAir Canada
32ώ 50λSKG-LGA

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